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Job interview

Match the questions and answers of this job interview!

Good morning! I%27m Peter Smith, the manager of Adidas., I would like to ask a few questions. quiz generator , May I ask, what you think your weakness is?, Goodbye, Ms Goldman!, Please, take a seat., Before the end let%27s talk about your payment Would 2500 Ł a month suit you?, Why do you consider yourself a good choice for this position?, Have you ever worked for a company like this?, :), That%27s a great question! I enjoy professionalism and the excellent team spirit! , What have you learned there?, Sounds interesting. Did you travel abroad with your manager?, What did you do exactly? crossword maker , What is your greatest success so far? create online activities , Now, Ms. Goldman, do you have any questions to us?, Well, than we will contact you in a week. Thank you for coming!,

Yes, I did. We went to India and China. I had to present new products., Thank you for your time! I am looking forward to your call. , Have a nice day, Mr. Smith!, May I ask, why do you like working at this company?, I am a bit nervous when talking to a big public, so I am studying rhetoric., I believe I am well suited for this job, beacuse I%27m organised and flexible., Yes, that salary would absolutely match my expectations. , Than you., :), That%27s fantastic! I can%27t wait to be member of this team!, I%27m particularly proud of a poster a created for a new running shoe. printable , Nice to meet you! I%27m Jane Goldman., I was good at managing the online website and at creating advertisements., I will be happy to answer!, Yes, I have. I did my student training at Nike., I worked at the sales department. I helped the manager.,