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Cardiovascular System

Dear students, This activity has been made for you to practice some of what you have learnt on the cardiovascular system. You may click on familiarize to practice with the flash cards or click on solve to do the quiz. You can choose to play dominoes, find paris or link up. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you! Olatunde Idris Oparemi

Diastolic blood pressure, Valve, Superior Vena Cava, Arterioles, Platelets, The artificial pace maker, Tricuspid Valve, Blood Pressure, Bicuspid(Mitral) Valve, Lymphatic system, Systolic blood pressure, Aortic (Left semi lunar) Valve, Septum, Lymph, Arteriosclerosis, Deoxygenated blood, Oxygenated blood, Red blood cells, Pulmonary (Right Semi lunar) Valve, Pulmonary vein, Venules, Inferior Vena Cava , Aorta, Pulmonary Artery,

Carries blood-containing oxygen from your lungs to your heart., A measure of the force exerted on the artery wall by the blood, Helps to prevent flow back of blood, Takes the blood from upper parts of the body to the Heart., a condition in which the artery- wall thickens due to accumulation of some material, Pressure of the blood when the ventricles constract, Prevents the blood in the right Venticle from flowing back into the right atrium, Blood rich in oxygen or blood containing high amount of Oxygen, the sytems that returns fluids into the blood and protects the body against diseases, Divides the Heart into two equal halves, Pressure of the blood when the ventricles relax, Carries blood containing carbon dioxide from your heart to your lungs, Takes the blood from the lower parts of the body to the Heart, prevents blood from flowing back from the aorta into the left ventricle , The fluid in the lymphatic ducts that inlcudes protein, intestinal fluids, water etc., Smaller small vessels connecting the capillaries and the veins, Prevents the blood in the left Venticle from flowing back into the left atrium, Blood without or with very low Oxygen, parts fo the blood responsible for transporting oxygen, carbondioxide and nutrients, Largest blood vessel in the heart, smaller blood vessels connecting the arteries and the capillaries, parts of the blood that helps in blood clothing and prevents bleeding save time , prevents blood from flowing back into the right ventricle from the pulmonary trunk , a device that mimics the natural pace maker and helps to regulates heart beat,