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My bedroom III

1. grading lampa
bin, lamp, picture, radio
2. kosz na śmieci
mirror, bookcase, lamp, bin
3. roślina
plant, picture, wardrobe, radio
4. obrazek
wardrobe, bookcase, mirror, picture
5. szafa
bookcase, bin, wardrobe, radio
6. szafka na książki
mirror online quizzes , bookcase, lamp, wardrobe
7. lodówka
bookcase, fridge, phone, bin
8. distant learning kuchenka (do gotowania)
cooker, next to, TV, fridge
9. teaching telefon
sofa help students assimilate material , fridge, phone, cooker
10. mysz
mouse, house, cage, floor
11. klatka
bedroom, door, table, cage
12. stół
chair short answer questions , door, table, sofa
13. podłoga
door, chair, table, floor
14. create online tests krzesło
mouse, door, chair, floor