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Match the halves

Click on two halves that go together!

She cooked , Mr Robis has gone, They had , Suddenly, Pam shows Janet, The MCDuffs don%27t live web 2.0 , There is interactive , Mrs Mac Duff, The storm, Mr Robins has got, Mrs Robins, Gordon and Janet, The Robins, Gordon, Pam and Jerry, Mrs McDuff talks, At midnight,

about the old days. teacher , on real fires then., how to dance., watch the dancers., is terrible now., live Scottish music. web tool , everybody sang %22Should auld acquaintance...%22, the lights go out., to the shops. e-learning , a present for the McDuffs., geta drink and some food., has already written the card., brings a lot of candles., walk to the party., far from the Robins%27 cottage., long, terrible winters then.,