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Materials Group 3

Match the words with the definitions

stuff (v), speck (n), tear (v), stiff (adj), transparent (adj), scrub (n) save time , squeeze (v), stroke (v), squash (n), solid (n), squash (v) quiz generator , texture (n), stack (v), smash (v) online , synthetic (adj), substance (n),

clear or thin enough to see things through, a situation in which there are too many people in a small space, to gently move your hand over skin, hair, or fur, made from artificial materials, not from natural one, a thorough wash or clean, the way smth feels when you touch it, to puch smth soft into a space or a container, to break smth noisily into many pieces by dropping or hittin, to pull smth so that it gets a hole in it or separates into pieces, to arrange things so that they stand one on top of another, press smth hard or crush it to make it lose its normal shape , a substance that is not a liquid or a gas multiple choice questions , firm and difficult to bend, to press smth firmly, especially with your hands, a very small spot or mark, a particular type of liquid, solid or gas,