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Materials Group 2

Match the words with the definitions

pat (v) multiple choice questions , grain (n), scratch (v), lump (n), hollow (adj), lump (v), flake (v), mould (v), grind (v), opaque (adj) learning , pile (v), mineral (n), gravity (n), mould (n) web tool , polish (v), liquid (n),

a solid piece of smth that does not have a regular shape, the force that makes smth fall to the ground, to break smth into small pieces or powder by using a machine, rub with your nails; damage the surface with smth sharp educational games , to touch smn gently several times to show care, a substance that can flow, has no fixed shape, not solid or gas, to put a large number of things on top of each other, a shaped container where liquid gets the form of the conta, to rub the surface of smth in order to make it shine, empty inside, difficult to see through, a very small individual piece of a substance, such as sand, to give smth a particular shape or form, a natural substance in the earth, e.g. gold, diamonds, to come off a surface in small flat pieces, to put people or things that don%27t belong together, into the same group,