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Question Words

1. Have you got a school bag?
Yes, I have. , No, I haven%27t., Yes, I am. , Yes, I do.
2. Where are you from?
I%27m from Sineu., I from Sineu., I%27m Sineu. , From Sineu.
3. Where do you live?
I in Sineu., I live at Sineu. , I live in Sineu., I live to sineu.
4. How often do you go to school?
I go to school five days. , I go to school in the morning., I go to school a week. , I go to school five days a weerk.
5. save time Why do you study?
Because it%27s boring. , Because I want to pass my exams. , Because it%27s funny. , Because my exams are very easy.
6. What time does the sun rise in Summer?
At about half past six., At about seven o%27clock. , At about quarter to seven., At eight o%27clock.
7. What sport does Rafa Nadal play?
He%27s plays tennis., He%27s playing tennis. , He plays tennis. , He play tennis.
8. How does Rafa play tennis?
He plays tennis very well. , He enjoys playing tennis. , He likes tennis very much., His favourite sport is tennis.
9. How much milk does a kitten drink?
Much. , Some., Many., A lot of.
10. How many dresses has Shakira got?
A lot of. , Much., Many., A few.
11. Who is the King of Spain?
Leticia , Asturias, Felipe VI, 42 years old
12. Where do you can see kangaroos?
About 1 metre high. , They are brown. , In Australia., They jump.
13. What%27s a table made of?
Wood or plastic, A desk educational activities , Brown, At home