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Populations and Communities (copy)

community, species, habitat, death rate, immigration, abiotic, ecosystem, biotic, population density, population, carrying capacity, emigration, Organism, birth rate, limiting factor language , ecology,

factors that cause a popluation to decrease, Community of organisms that live in a particular area with abiotic , a group of organisms that can mate with each other online quizzes , all the different populations that live together in an area distant learning , leaving a population, any living thing, living or once living parts of an organism%27s habitat, the # of births for a given time period, # of individuals in an area of a specific size, nonliving parts of an organism%27s habitat, The study of how organisms interact with each other %26 env, All members of one species living in a particular area, the # of deaths for a given time period, the largest poplulation an area can support, environment that provides the things an organism needs , moving into a population,