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Conditions that I forget

Paget%27s disease, Osteosarcoma invite students , Osteomalacia, Osteoporosis, Still%27s disease, Pseudogout (calcium pyrophosphate arthropathy) online education , Osteogenic, Brodie%27s abscess, Whipple%27s disease distant learning , q15, Felty syndrome save time , Caplan syndrome, Gout, q16, Ewing sarcoma online activities , Churg-Strauss syndrome,

Marrow of mid shafts long bones. Onion peel appearance, Weakly %2bve bifrifringment small rhomboid crystals. Chondrocalcinosi, a16, Minimal XR features, Raised periosteum, sun ray appearance, a15, -vely birefringent needle shaped crystals, Insidious chronic osteomyelitis, metaphysis, lytic lesion, sclerotic margins, Raised ALP, normal Ca and Phos, sclerotic XR, High ferritin. Fever %2b salmon rash. Arthritis and arthralgia. Rare inflam arthritis, G%2bve T.whippelii. SI malabsorption, peripheral arthritis, PAS machropgaes, Metaphyseal destruction, cortical erosion %2b new bone under raised periosteum , Asthma Rhinitis Eosinophilia S/C nodules p-ANCA %2bve, Looser%27s zones (pseudo #s), Longstanding RA, neutro/pan cytopaenia, splenomegaly, Pneumoconiosis %2b rheumatoid nodules,