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Spelling Test Feb 17 - RB;SB;GH;SV;JM

What was the subject of the book.mp3, , ,
Capture, Capchure, Kapture interactive , Kapchure,
3. Did you hear her tell everyone the #?
Do you like playing Capture the flag.mp3, , ,
4. Did you like playing # the Flag?
sandoll, sandal, santoll, santall,
5. We very much # standing in line.
Did you happen to see my other sandal.mp3, , ,
secreat, sekret, seacrat, secret,
Did you hear her tell everyone the secret.mp3, , ,
pensil, pencil, pencle, pensle,
9. Have you seen the # Games?
May I borrow your pencil for the test.mp3, , ,
10. May I borrow your # for the test?
dislike, disslike online learning games , dizlike, dislighke,
We very much dislike standing in line.mp3, invite students , ,
12. What was the # of the book?
Hunker, Hunger, Huncker, Hungur,
Have you seen the Hungar Games.mp3, , ,
14. There was an # crawling on the paper.
abscent, absent, apscent, appsent,
He was not here yesterday so the teacher marked him abscent.mp3, interactive , results history ,
16. He was not here yesterday so the teacher marked him #.
korner, coroner, corner online learning games , kornar,
I made it to the street corner in time for the bus..mp3, , ,
18. I made it to the street # in time for the bus.
insekt, incekt online , insect, incecked,
There was an insect crawling on the paper.mp3, , ,