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Quiz 1

1. What is the answer to: (5%2b1)x2
8, 13, 12, 20,
2. What is the first step in the order of operations?
3, 2, 1, 18,
3. %22Double the sum of 8 and 2%22 is expressed by?
(5%2b2)-2, 5%2b(2x2) help students assimilate material , (5%2b2)x2, (5-2)x2,
4. %22Add 5 and 2, then multiply by 2%22 is expressed by?
2x(8%2b2), (8-2)x2, 2x8%2b2, 2x2%2b8,
5. Parenthesis are the last step in the order of operations.
6. Multiplication and division occur in the same step and you do what ever comes first.
7. If you don%27t follow the order of operations, your answer can be incorrect.
8. Express %22Add 4 and 6, then multiply by 2%22 in the box below. Be sure to place your parenthesis correctly. Write the expression, not the solution. #
9. What is the answer to 5x2-8
(4%2b6)x2, online quizzes , ,