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Unit 1 post review

short term goal, credit union, want class website , long term goal mix questions , check register, fixed expenses, periodic expenses, interest create online quizzes , need, bank statement, Pay Day Loans, commercial bank educational games , checking account, variable expenses, PIN, income,

a secret code that allows you to access your debit card, items you pay every once in a while like tuition, A goal that can be reached by saving for less than a year , items that you pay the same amount each month like rent, a bank that is run by its members, items that you pay a different amount each month like water, a place to record your checks %26 deposits, items that you must have to survive like food and shelter, money that you earn from working at a job, a listing of checks %26 deposits from the bank, Items that you would like to own like movie tickets online activities , an account that allows you to write checks and deposit money, a bank that is run by its shareholders, extra money that you must pay when you take out a loan, a goal that is reached after saving for more than a year, a business that lends money with a high interest rate,,