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Use of Command in English. Part One

Choose the correct options to fill in the blanks. Some sentences are negative.

1. Mom please, ___________ PiƱa colada. I feel like drinking it!
Teressa please eat, Teresa please drink educational games , Teresa please dance, Teresa please go,
2. Please, _________ the music. It`s too loud and I want to sleep!
Please, don`t open, Please, open , Please, close, Please, don`t close,
3. Aunty Karen _____________ me with my homework. It`s very difficult.
please help, please give, give, take,
4. Please ______________ for me here. I%27ll be right back.
cook, make, give, sit,
5. ______________me the newspaper from outside.
don`t disturb me, disturb me, don`t buy, don`t drink coke,
6. ______________ all of your vegetables!
turn on, turn in, turn off, turn out,
7. Please, _________ the board and pay attention!
turn off, turn on, give, stand,
8. ______________ the window. It`s cold! (negative)
wait, dance, drink, go,
9. Daddy please, don`t ___________ the TV. I`m am watching my favourite program.
go , look at, give me , prepare,