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3rd 9 week review 1

1. What causes day and night on Earth?
day and night, the changing seasons, the revolution of earth, the phases of the moon,
2. Which sentence explains why the moon can be seen at night from Earth?
1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year,
3. one rotation of earth on its axis takes
the sun revovles around the earth, earth rotates around the sun, the sun revovles on its axis, earth rotates on its axis,
4. Which of the following happens in our solar system?
position of the moon, tilt of the earth on its axis build your own quiz , temperature of the sun, distance to mars,
5. Which of these is the most responsible for the changes of the seasons on Earth?
7 days, 14 days, 28 days, 365 days,
6. A student observed a full moon on Tuesday. Approximately how long will the student have to wait before she can see the full moon again?
earth revolves around the sun once per day, the moon revolves around the earth once per day., earth revovles around the sun once per year, the moon revovles around earth once per year,
7. When the earth is tilted toward the sun, the northern hemisphere is having which season?
the moon blocking sunlight, the moon orbiting earth, earth rotating on its axis,
8. The tilt of the Earth%27s axis helps to create which of the following?
spring , summer, winter, fall,
9. Which statement best explains why the sun appears to move across the sky each day?
spring, summer, winter, fall,