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Country%27s Tidbits

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1. Which is the capital city of Macedonia?
Prilep, Bitola mix questions , Orhid, Skopje
2. Which are the colours of the Romanian flag ?
Red,white,blue, Blue,yellow,green , Red,yellow,blue, Yellow and blue
3. Italy is famous for its …
shoe shape, leg shape, hand shape , boot shape
4. Which lake in Macedonia is the oldest in Europe?
Ohrid Lake , Prespa Lake class website , Dojran Lake, Mavrovo Lake
5. Which is the capital city of Romania?
Bucharest, Budapest web 2.0 , Bratislav, Berna
6. Which is the longest river in Italy?
Po, Thames, Sein, Poh
7. Macedonian flag is:
red, yellow and white, red,green and yelow , red with yellow sun , white and blue
8. What is Nadia Comaneci famous for?
Earned the most medals In Europe , Was the first gymnast to earn a 10 at the Olympic Games , Was the youngest gymnast at Olympic Games , Participated to the most Olympic games
9. Who is the founder of Turkey?
Winston Churchill, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Arda Turan , Aziz Sancar
10. Which is the capital of Turkey?
Istanbul, İzmir matching excercise , Hatay, Ankara
11. How many regions Turkey consists?
5, 6, 7, 8