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Units 7-9 Regions Review

Directions: Match each characteristic to its correct region.

US %26 Canada, N. Africa/SW Asia, Latin America, group_name4,

Smog, Hacienda, Pampas, Buenos Aires, Deforestation, Vertical zonation, Slash and burn farming, Mestizos, Reggae music, Machu Picchu , Steel drum bands, Spanish and Portuguese, Roman Catholicism , Rocky Mountains, New York Stock Exchange, Continental Divide , Golden Gate Bridge, Cultural diffusion of McDonald%27s , Mississippi River, Skyscrapers, Shopping malls , Sahara Desert, teaching Sahel, results history Guest workers, Aswan High Dam, Alluvial soil, Bazaars, Most OPEC members, Kaaba, Pyramids at Giza, Mosques, Minarets,