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Turning level 1

Saddle, Undercutting tool, carriage, Facing tool, Quick change toolpost, Cross slide, Faceplate multiple choice questions , Knife tool, 3 jaw chuck, Yellow, Swarf, Camlocks, Apron, Entanglement, Compound slide, Cuts and abrasions,

used for maching angles, waste metal, Used when a workpiece cannot be held in a chuck , contains the saddle, apron, cross/compound slides , holds a tool adjusts up and down with a srew action, general use lathe tool, clothes or limbs caught on moving parts, damage to hands and arms, self centring chuck school , warning, slides on the bed, used to level the end of a workpiece, used to secure the chuck to the spindle, used to machine a groove, used for facing operations, houses the feed lever covers the feed mechanism,