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Vocabulary Quiz Page (copy)

Match the words to their definitions

1. quiz generator external look
appearance, inspire, be supposed to, come true
2. crossword maker a frightening dream
nightmare, bring out the best in , however, appearance
3. persuade
convince, self-confidence, kind-hearted, kick out
4. mistake
fault, come true, kind-hearted, however
5. recipe
formula, pressure, fault, nightmare
6. although
however, teamwork, nightmare, fault
7. to receive or possess sth after someone%27s death
inherit , inspire build your own quiz , walk in someone%27s shoes, situation
8. generate answer keys to spur on/motivate
inspire, pretend, fall in love, pressure
9. goodhearted/ considerate of others
kind-hearted, inspireweb page, fault, appearance
10. main story
plot, convince, however, inherit
11. an act of predicting
prediction dynamic quiz , formula, kick out, be supposed to
12. stress / tension
pressure printable , ridiculous, kick out, rebel against
13. to take on a false appearance
pretend, inspire english , convince, situation
14. silly / absurd
ridiculous, teamwork, kick out, rebel against
15. great faith in oneself or one%27s abilities
self-confidence, rebel against, plot, walk in someone%27s shoes
16. people who work together as a team to do something
teamwork, kick out, self-confidence, however
17. the way in which something is placed
situation, turn into, formula, self-confidence
18. to go against the rules
rebel against, appearance, turn into, accidentally
19. change into somthing different
turn into, nightmare, be supposed to, however
20. to become real
come true, kind-hearted, appearance, formula
21. to dismiss or eject forcefully
kick out, teamwork, fall in love, be supposed to
22. to begin to feel romantic love for someone
fall in love, bring out the best in , ridiculous, pressure
23. to be intended or expected
be supposed to, self-confidence, kind-hearted, convince
24. someone or sth that helps show one%27s best qualities
bring out the best in , however, come true, nightmare
25. to put yourself in the place of someone else
walk in someone%27s shoes, accidentally , inspire, come true