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Vocabulary Quiz Page

Match the words to their definitions

situation, turn into, prediction online , formula, bring out the best in , nightmare, fall in love, inspire, walk in someone%27s shoes, kind-hearted, kick out, pretend, convince, rebel against online quizzes , teamwork, ridiculous web tool , pressure language , self-confidence, be supposed to, come true, fault, appearance assess performance , accidentally , inherit , plot, however,

to go against the rules, recipe, by mistake, to become real, stress / tension, to put yourself in the place of someone else, an act of predicting, change into somthing different, people who work together as a team to do something, to begin to feel romantic love for someone , someone or sth that helps show one%27s best qualities , to dismiss or eject forcefully, mistake, to spur on/motivate educational games , silly / absurd, great faith in oneself or one%27s abilities, although, to take on a false appearance, the way in which something is placed help students assimilate material , to receive or possess sth after someone%27s death, goodhearted/ considerate of others prepare quiz , main story, to be intended or expected ESL , a frightening dream, persuade, external look ,