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Hamadi Vocabulary Activity

Match each word to the corresponding definition.

international, worldly, purified, local, occasionally, rickety, particularly, crates, available multiple choice questions , significant, contagious, dramatically ESL , carolers, focusing, giddy crossword maker , wry,

having to do with the area in which you live, important; having special meaning or value, especially prepare quiz , can bbe gotten, had, or used, people singing Christmas songs joyfully from house to house, in bad condition and likely to break with use, sometimes, but not regularly, giving or directing one%27s attention, quickly spread from person to person, relating to more than one country, in a way that shows imagination and emotion, silly, happy, and excited, knowing a lot about people, based on life experiences, twisted to one side; cleverly or dryly humorous, large boxes made of wooden slats print quizzes , made pure or clean,