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Choose the correct form of the verb. ( third person )

1. Samantha __________ to the job at 7:00. a.m.
Went, Go, Goes, Has gone
2. My grand parents ______ a walk at 5:00 A:M.
Take, Taken, Takes, Has
3. I _______dinner at 12:00m
takes, Have, Go, Has
4. My father and my mother.______ to bed at 11: 00. P.M.
Have, Drink, Goes, Go
5. Josephine __________ basketball at 6:00 A:M: everyday.
Plays, Plaied, Play, Has plays
6. My cousins__________ breakfast every weekend.
Prepares, Has, Preparied, Prepare
7. teacher I _____________ supper at 7:30 P.M
Have, Has interactive , Haved, Having
8. Janeth___________ from school at 6:15 P.M
Arrive, Arrives, Go, Goies
9. My uncle__________ a book in the afternoons.
Drinks, Read, Reads, Have