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Click on the sentence, then go to the crossword number, click on it and write the answer. Time limit: 5 minutes. Have fun!

Crossword hints:
This sport is played on a diamond shaped field where players run the bases and score homeruns., This sport is played with 10 players on the court. Players can shoot the ball into the hoop or slam dunk., This sport is played by throwing a ball down an alley. You have to hit down all ten pins., This sport has many players on the field and on the sideline.They score touchdowns and kick field goals., This sport is played outside where players hit a small white ball with a club., This sport is played on the ice and the players use sticks to hit a puck into a goal., This sport is played on a large open field where players can only use their feet to kick a ball., This sport is played on a small field and a softer ball that is pitched underhand., This sport is played with a racket and a yellow ball that players hit over a net., This sport can be played on the beach where players hit a ball over a net.,

Crossword words: