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The respiratory system practice activity 1.4

Dear students, This activity has been made for you to practice some of what you have learnt on the respiratory system. You may click on familiarize to practice with the flash cards or click on solve to do the quiz. You can choose to play dominoes, find paris or link up. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you! Olatunde Idris Oparemi

Bronchi, Diaphragm , Plueral Membrane, Intercostal muscle, Cilia, Inhalation, Cartilagenous rings elearning , Cellular respiration, Alveoli crossword maker , Larynx, Bronchioles, External Respiration, Bronchitis, Pharynx, Exhalation, Internal Respiration language ,

Exchange of gases between the lungs and the blood , a double layered memebrane surrounding the lungs, the exchange of gases between the blood and body tisses and cells tool for teachers , protects the trachea from collapsing, Tiny braches originating from the bronchus in the lung, Tiny sacs in the lungs where gaseous exchange takes place, the tiny hairs that lined the tracheal wall and help to filter the air. grading , the process of taking out air or oxygen, it is otherwise known as the voice box or adam`s apple, 2 branhces at the end of the trachea each leading to the lung, the junction of the digestive and respiratory tracts?, muscles found in between the ribs, the process of taking in air or oxygen interactive learning , an infection of the bronchus, Bundles of muscles that separate the thoracic and the abdominal cavity, oxidation of simple sugar to release energy in the mitochondria of living cells,