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Metric Units

Kg, square metres, Pi save time , Cylinder, mg, Newton, Perimeter, mL, Hectare, C = Pi x d, Sphere, centi-, gram, Pryamid, Circumference, kilo-, Square, 0600, Volume, Dodecahedron, milli-, A= b x h, Radius, Area, Octagon online quizzes , Hexagon educational games , A=1/2 b x h, Litre, Diameter, Prism, Metre, A = Pi x r^2,

the ratio of the diameter to the circumference of a circle crossword maker , Standard unit of length, the perimeter of a circle, The amount of space inside a boundary of a flat 2D object, 6am in 24hour time, The amount of space inside a 3D object english , A Circular Prism prepare quiz , Standard unit of lliquid capacity, Standard unit of mass (weight), 3D object that goes from a base shape to a point, The area of a square 1m by 1m, Formula for the Area of a rectange of paralleogram, Standard unit of force, The distance around the outside of a flat 2D shape, the prefix that means 1/1000 of, 3D object with two identical ends, A area of land equal to 10,000m2, millilitre, Formula for Are of a circle, 3D ball, A regular six sided shape., the prefix that means 1000 of, A regular four sided shape., the lenght from the centre to the outside of a circle, milligram, the lenght from one side of a circle to the other through the centr, A 3D object with 20 faces, A regular eight sided shape., the prefix that means 1/100 of, Formula for Circumference of a circle, Formula for area of a Triangle, kilogram,