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Past Continuous or Past Simple

1. When I ... the door, Nick ... a book.
was opening, was reading, opened, read, opened, was reading, opening, was reading
2. When I ... him, he ... near the door
was seen, was standing, was seeing, was standing prepare quiz , saw, stand, saw, was standing
3. I ... my homework, when the doorbell ...
was doing, rang, do, rang, was doing, was ringing, do, was ringing
4. My little sister ... and ... TV.
was cooking, watching , was cooking, watch, cooks, watches, cooked, watched
5. My dad ... a book, when I ... home.
read, came, was reading, was comingstimulate your students , was reading, came, read, was coming
6. They ... to music while my granny ... on the phone.
was listening, was speaking, listened, spoke, listened, was speaking, were listening, was speaking
7. When I ... the window, Nick ... computer games
opened, was playing, was opening, played, was opening, was playing, opened, played
8. They ... along the street, when I ... them.
was walking, saw, were walking, saw, walked, was seeing, were walking, were seeing
9. learning I ... the washing up while the cat ... .
did,ate, was doing, ate, was doing, was eating, did, was eating