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Unit 22 - P2 Quiz

1. interactive How many hours an average gamer play games?
1-2 hours, 3-5 hours, 6-10 hour, 100%2b hours
2. Which is the most addictive game genre?
Online Multiplayer game, Mobile Games, Board Games, Single Player Games
3. A study found there was a shocking result of game addiction between genders, which is correct?
50%25 female 50%25 male, 20%25 female 8%25 male, 30%25 female 70%25 male, 0%25 female 100%25 male
4. What is the common treatment for game addiction?
cognitive behavioral therapy, parents to over look how much the kids are playing, lock the consoles away, moderate the game play
5. What feelings are gamers supressing while excessively playing video games?
Positive Feelings, Negetive Feelings, Feelings of Pain, Feelings of Love
6. Which personalities are gamers like to develop if they continue to be obsessed with games?
Anxiety and Aggression, Self Control, Sensation Seeking, Critical Thinking
7. grading Which part of life game addiction hits the most?
Interpersonal Relationships, Work, Education, Personal Hygene
8. If you feel you are gaming too much how would you start the process of stopping it?
Throw away the console, reduce the hours of play time, change the game, ask parent to lock the consoles away
9. Which one of the following issues has been linked to game addiction?
low self-esteem, sickness, headaches, blurry vision
10. Whats the percentage of female gamers?
30%25, 50%25, 42%25, 37%25
11. Whats the percentage of parents see games as a positive part of their childrens life?
50%25, 10%25, 13%25, 63%25
12. What is the best selling game genre?
Puzzles, Shooting, RPG, Action
13. Video games result in improved skills such as
Brain Capacity, Job Skills, Collaboration and problem solving, Thinking and writing skills
14. How much is the online gaming market worth? including call of duty world of warcraft etc
15 billion, 200 Million, 20 billion, 5.8 billion
15. In which country is it ILLEGAL to play video games past midnight?
South Korea, Japan create online activities , China, Holland
16. Whats the average age of gamers today?
18 tool for teachers , 16, 23, 35
17. short answer questions How is copy right law relative to games?
some developers copy other games and make money web 2.0 , some games are illegal, game developers want the protect, its government issues
18. Why is piracy of games bad?
because the person making the games gets nothing for their work teacher , because they are using the game without the company, because its fun for teenagers to break rules, because its corporate greed
19. distance learning People who play _____ have better vision, attention and cognition
fast paced games, brain training games, rpg, educational games
20. Which TV channel makes the most educational games?
Discovery Channel, History Channel, NASA, National Geographic Channel