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Prenatal Stages

Drag each description onto the corresponding prenatal stage.

Germinal, Embryonic, Fetal, group_name4,

Spontaneous abortion is common, Not susceptible to teratogens, Implantation in the uterine wall, Stem cells can form identical twins, Stem cells differentiate and take on different functions, The morula forms, The blastocyst forms, Formation of major organs and biological systems, Major segments of the brain begin to differentiate, Eyes and ears begin to take shape, Neural tube closes, Teratogens can result in neural tube defects, Highly sensitive periods for most major organ systems, create online tests Less sensitive period for heart, Less sensitive period for arms and legs, Detectable brain waves can be recorded, activity Eyes are fully formed and can be opened and closed, Myelin begins to form around nerve fibers, educational games Most rapid brain development, Teratogens can result in mental retardation, Less sensitive period for eyes, Less sensitive period for central nervous system,