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ExMaTests 1.5.1 (Into the teeth of the twister)

Połącz elementy zwrotów i zdań klikając na odpowiednie elementy. Uwaga! Przed wykonaniem ćwiczenia warto przypomnieć sobie tekst i/lub słowniczek do niego.

turn, the walls create online quizzes , Carol clung, the heart , her garage, her car was parked, they curled, Carol came, nothing, an empty school bus, they were out, homemade, to her, an on-screen, with explosive print quizzes , a baking, the lights, a steaming,

was gone, went out quiz , of the tornado language , remained of the house, spinning in the air, in its usual spot, warning, to her sons., sheet, force, biscuits, together, pan, amazement, the lock, in the open, fell apart create online activities , to earth,