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Vocabulary # 12 and Review # 11 (copy)

Complete at least once with 100%25.

1. a small piece or part of something
fragment, mortify, surly, thrive
2. the glowing light that shines from an object
radiance, fragment, dwindle, ricochet
3. becomes smaller, weaker, or fewer in number
dwindle improve results , newsworthy, fragment, auspicious
4. a sign that good things are on the way
auspicious, fathom, coordination, mortify
5. something that lasts for only a short time
fleeting, auspicious, thrive, ricochet
6. can%27t understand something no matter how hard you try
fathom, thrive, dwindle, aroma
7. interesting enough to be reported in the paper, etc.
newsworthy, radiance crossword maker , fleeting, dwindle
8. to do well, or are healthy or strong
thrive, antic, ricochet, fragment
9. the way something smells
aroma, thrive, mortify, antic
10. able to move several body parts at once
coordination, thrive, fathom, mortify
11. rude, bad-tempered behavior
surly, newsworthy create online quizzes , aroma, mortify
12. someone you are competing or fighting against
adversary, newsworthy, pulverize, fathom
13. funny, silly or unusal behavior
antic, pulverize, fleeting, surly
14. to offend or embarrass
mortify, adversary, aroma, radiance
15. to crush, pound or grind into tiny pieces
pulverize, antic, ricochet, fathom