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Practice 1.3 .The digestive system

Dear students, This activity has been made for you to practice some of what you have learnt on the digestive system. You may click on familiarize to practice with the flash cards or click on solve to do the quiz. You can choose to play dominoes, find paris or link up. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you! Olatunde Idris Oparemi

Epiglottis, Excretion, Rectum, The liver, Chemical Digestion, Chyme, Absorption, Villi, Lipases, Egestion interactive , Cardiac Sphlinters, Diarrhea, accessory organs, Peristalsis, Gallbladder, Pepsin, Constipation, Carbohydrates quiz builder , Mechancal Digestion,

organs whose secretions aid the process of food digestion, the structure that prevents food entering the respiratory system, The enzymatic breakdown of food into smaller pieces, enzyme produced in the stomach %26 help digest protein into polypeptides, enzaymes that breakdown carbohydrates into simple sugar, process by which partially digested food particles leaves the body., a disease of the digestive system caused by lack of water in the intestine., Produces bile create online tests , stores the feces until they are egested. , Enzymes that break down fat and oil into fatty acids and glycerol, a disease caused by excess water in the intestine or some bacteria, stores and concentrates the bile, movement of the digested products,vitamins and water into the blood stream create online activities , the process by which metabolic waste products are removed from the body. quiz generator , The physical breakdown of food into smaller pieces, semifluid mass that the food is converted to in the stomach , absorption of food takes place through this wall in the small intestine online quizzes , Involuntary muscle contraction that moves the bolus through the GI , allow the entery of food into the stomach and prevent flow back of food . ,