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Getting Started activity

If a student is having issues with the class or has questions, they should, True or False Civics is a required course to graduate, True or False Civics Rocks, If a student needs help what is available?, I can take the Getting Started quiz____times., True or False Copy Right Laws don%27t apply to on-line classes?, If I cannot see a module video I should, True or False I am only allowed to work on this class during school hours?, Who is my teacher?, What is the first due assignment?, When is the first due date?, What has to be passed with a 70 or better to move to Module 1?, What is important to read everyday?, If a student is having technical issues with the class they should., True or False I don%27t need to read Mrs. Harper%27s feedback, True or False It is important to check grades daily,

Mrs. Harper, False, as many times as it takes to pass, January 29, by midnight, Contact the teacher ASAP, The Getting Started Section, True, True, False class website , True, Announcements, The Peer Tutoring Center, False, The Getting Started quiz? online learning games , Enable Mixed Media, Submit a Help Desk Ticket,