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Sewing Review

1. results history A C.M.S. football player is wearing a jersey with shoulder pads, a helmet, and a mouth guard. He is most likely wearing this for:
safety %26 identification, self-expression, individuality, a role in a movie
2. Clothing has quality workmanship if it:
has loose, large stitching, is free from wrinkles or pulls online learning games , has threads hanging from it, has a broken zipper
3. A small, flat spool that holds the bottom thread of a sewing machine is:
spool pin, bobbin, bobbin winder, spool pin winder
4. educational activities Avoid accidents with the iron by:
keeping the iron face down when not using it, keeping your fingers away from the steam, keeping the iron plugged in when not in use, testing the iron by touching it quickly with one finger
5. When you are done using an iron, rest it:
on the heel/base, on the floor, face down on the ironing board, on its side
6. To prevent injury when the sewing machine is operating, you should always:
lean close to the needle to watch the stitching line, keep your fingers away from the needle, pull the plug out of the outlet while the machine is on, step on the presser foot really hard
7. The best place to hold pins when you are sewing is:
in your mouth, in a pin cushion, in your sleeve, on the table
8. The best tool to remove stitches you have sewn incorrectly is:
your fingers, a seam guage, a seem ripper, a needle
9. Which of the following tools is most accurate for cutting fabric:
scissors, shears, pinking shears, thread clippr
10. Sunglasses, winter jackets, and gloves are all examples of clothing that:
showyour socal status, indentify you with a particular group, express your values, protect your body
11. A tool used to measure small spaces (ex: 3/8%22) on material is called:
ruler, yard stick, seam gauge, tape measure
12. The type of stitch used to anchor a thread at the begining and end is called:
zig zag stitch crossword maker , reinforcement stitch, basting stitch, backstitch
13. Which of the following influence clothing choices:
values, media, celebrities, All of these
14. online learning games %22Everything about the way a group of people live%22 is the definition of a:
fashion, culture, wardrope, priority
15. create online activities When a clothing style is popular for only a short period of time, it is called a:
fad, classic, style, status symbol
16. Hand sewing skills are important for jobs in which industries:
fashion, engineering, medical, all fields
17. Which stitches/knots did you NOT learn on your Emoji project:
whip stitch, running stitch, overhand knot, slip stitch
18. create online activities How long should your thread be when hand sewing?
arm%27s length, leg%27s length, 1 spool, ten inches
19. When sewing a seam, which sides of the fabric should face together:
the good sides, the bad sides, the pretty sides, either/or
20. The hole in the top of the needle is called:
the mouth, the feed dog, the spool, the eye