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The _____ system is a set of instructions that allows the computer to do what it needs to do., It is vital to keep this private and to never give it out to anyone. It allows access to your user account., When the operating system is loaded into the RAM, the computer is _____ up., _____ in is the process of typing in a username and password which allows for separate accounts on a computer., You type a _____ name into the browser%27s address bar to go to a specific website., A graphic that a user can double click to start an application., The feature at the very top of the screen which provides lots of options under each choice., A file _____ is the 3 or 4 letters after the period in a filename that help the computer identify what program it was created in., It is always in the background and is a place to add shortcuts and is considered a home area., A visual box that helps the user with file management such as moving, copying, or deleting files., This abbreviation is used for the expectations and consequences for proper technology use at school, A piece of hardware that allows you to store information is a _____ device., The feature at the bottom of the desktop that is always there to allow one click access to applications or files., This computer operation is found under the file menu and allow the user to have a permanent copy of the file.,

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