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Properties of Hair %26 Scalp

disulfide bond, follicle, cuticle, alopecia, monilethrix, salt bonds, carbuncle, sebaceous glands, ringed hair, wave pattern, congenital canities quiz builder , androgenic alopecia, trichoptilosis, catagen, premature canities, hair bulb, pityriasis steatoides, elasticity, minoxidil interactive , pityriasis capitis simplex, acquired canities, pediculosis capitis crossword maker , keratinization, telogen improve results , trichorrhexis nodosa, trichology, postpartum alopecia, pityriasis, furuncle english , albinos, fragilitis crinium, languo, pheomelanin, arrector pili, hair shaft, polypeptide chain, canities, hair root, scabies, five elements of hair, density, alopecia areata, anagen generate answer keys , hyperthrichosis, cowlick, tinea capitis, terminal hair, melanin, porosity, eumelanin, tinea, amino acids, peptide bond, hair stream, medulla, whorl, finasteride, dermal papilla, cortex, texture,

variety of canities of alternating bands of gray and pigmented , oil glands that are connected to hair follicles , tuft of hair that stands straight up, portion of the hair that we comb that projects , knotted hair that breaks easily, caused by itch mite that burrows under skin, small involuntary muscle mix questions , resting phase that lasts until the hair is shed e-learning , topic medication applied to scalp , thickness or diameter of each individual hair , physical side bond that is broken by changes in pH, developed due to worry, anxiety or prolonged illness, result of genetics, age, and hormones, growth phase when new hair is produced, ability of hair to absorb moisture, maturing process of the cells, innermost layer of the hair that adds strength, baldness or hair loss in spots, head lice; transmitted from one to another by contact educational games , split ends, tube-like depression or pocket contains root, individuals born without pigment in the hair skin or eyes, vellus hair fine downy hair located over the entire body, amount of movement in the hair; straight, curly, conditional of abnormal hair growth, study of the hair, its diseases, and care, gray hair, thickened club shaped structure fits over dermal papilla, gray hair at birth; albinos, abnormal hair loss and baldness online activities , middle layer of the hair made of fiberous protien 90%25 hair weight, chemical bond that joins amino acids together, boil that is acute, localized infection of hair follicle, hair growing in a circular pattern, result of direction that hair follicles slope naturally, provides red and blonde color to hair, dry, flakey dandruff, small cone shaped elevation located base of folicle, develop with age as a result of genetics, transition period between growth and resting phase online quizzes , brittle hair; treatment includes conditioning quiz , ringworm, pigment granuals, ability to stretch and return without breaking, units of structure in protein that are linked together, a larger furuncle language , COHNS- carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur online quizzes , outermost layer of the hair that consists of overlapping laye, oral prescription for men only, ong, soft hair found on scale, legs, arms and body educational games , number of hairs per square inch quiz generator , physical side bond that is easily broken by water or heat, chemical side bond , dandruff, part of hair located beneath the surface of the scalp, provides black or brown color to hair, greasy or waxy dandruff; can be bleeding or oozing sebum, honeycomb ringworm, beaded hair that breaks easily, temporary hair loss at the conclusion of pregnancy,