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Operation Words

Phrase, Translation, group_name3, group_name4,

The sum of x and 4., online education Twice a number., The total of 6 and a number., One-half of a number added to 8., The difference of a number and 10., The product of 7 and x, less 5., Two-thirds the difference of 8 and x., x less than 9., The quotient of a number and 5., The sum of the product of 12 and a number, and 1., Twice the difference of 30 and a number., Three times the sum of x and the product of 5 and y., 15 decreased by the product of 4x and y., The quotient of 4 and the sum of 6 and twice x., The square of the difference of the opposite of x and 5., The sum of the quotient of x and 11, and 7., class web page x%2b4, 2x, teacher 6%2bx or x%2b6, 1/2x%2b8, online x–10, 7x – 5, 2÷3(8–x), 9–x, x÷5, 3(x%2b5y), 12x %2b 1, active teaching 2(30–x), 15–[(4x)y] or 15–4xy, 4÷(6%2b2x), ( –x–9)2, (x÷11)%2b7,