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FRE1020 Activité et Distractions R2-04 Due 23/01

faire le ménage, faire la vaisselle, pêcher, aller à la fac, manger avec des amis, faire les courses, partager un %22appart%22 online education , prendre des photos create online quizzes , prendre le petit-déjeuner, voir un film , marcher, faire des courses, voir un spectacle help students assimilate material , faire les magasins online learning games , faire les vitrines, aller au concert,

to share an appartment, to window-shop, to shop, to see a movie, to go to college, to walk, to do errands, to eat with friends, to wash the dishes, to go grocery shopping, to take pictures, to have breakfast, to go to a concert short answer questions , to fish online education , to do housework, to see a show,