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Practice 1.2 Health and Society PC 2000

Dear students, This activity has been made for you to practice what you have learnt on natural history of disease and level of disease preventions. You may click on familiarize to practice with the flash cards or click on solve to do the quiz. You can choose to play dominoes, find paris or link up. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you! Olatunde Idris Oparemi

Non-modifiable Risk factor, Pre-symtomatic Stage improve results , Modifiable Risk factor, Stage of clinical disease, Risk Factor online learning games , Natural History of Disease, The terminal stage in the life history of disease, Secondary Preventions, Incubation Period, Primary prevention, Signs, The susceptibility stage, Example of Non-modifiable risk factor , The earliest stage in the natural history of disease , Examples of Modifiable Risk Factors, Symptoms educational games ,

Something that increases a person`s chances of getting a disease, The progression of a disease in an individual over time with no intervention , Risk factors that can`t be changed, Time between infections and the appearance of synptoms , Genetics risk factor, Health is promoted at this stage through education, vaccination etc., the complaints the patients have observed in their bodies, Recovey, Disability or death stage, The person is infected but shows no symptoms of the disease, Risk factors that can be changed to reduce the chances of getting a disease, The individual has developed signs and symptoms of the disease, Behavioral risk factor and environmental risk factor, The susceptibility stage, stops or slows disease progression via screening,early treatment etc., Features that would be detected by trained health worker distant learning , A risk factor is present but the individual does not have the disease yet.,