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FRE1020Le verbe français (R2-01) Due 23/01

No credit for score below 60%25. Use your textbook.

1. avoir
to be, to have, to work, to live
2. aimer
to have, to work, to do, to love
3. venir
to run, to have a walk improve results , to come, to finish
4. habiter
to know, to go out, to run, to live
5. travailler
to go, to work, to take, to have to
6. faire
to do, to feast, to work, to finish
7. aller
to know, to go, to want, to leave
8. savoir
to be acquainted with, to know, to listen, to offer
9. pouvoir
to run, to want, to be able to, to sleep
10. language connaître
to wait, to sleep, to put, to be acquainted with
11. vouloir
to want, to finish, to be able to, to come
12. generate answer keys prendre
to listen, to take test , to want, to come
13. devoir
to do homework, to leave, to have to, to live
14. courir
to leave, to work, to walk, to run
15. sortir
to come, to leave quiz , to offer, to live
16. dormir
to sleep, to stay distance learning , to rest, to go
17. finir
to do, to put, to finish, to make
18. offrir
to do, to give, to have, to offer
19. attendre
to have to, to hope, to take, to wait
20. entendre
to take, to hear, to know, to walk
21. mettre
to take educational games , to work, to know, to put