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physical description vocabulary

mignon, actrice, cheveux ch√Ętain, taille, chanteur/se, yeux, beau, gros/gras, lunettes, de taille moyenne, longueur, acteur teacher , mince, barbe, joueur de football, cheveux results , cheveux courts, cheveux raides, petit(e), yeux bleus, cheveux roux online quizzes , cheveux longs, belle / jolie, cavalier help students assimilate material , grand, cheveux mi-longs mix questions ,

slim, fat teacher , beautiful / pretty, short hair, handsome / good-looking, singer, height, straight hair, brown hair, hair, blue eyes, small / short, tall, rider, long hair, length improve results , football player, actor, actress, cute, of medium height create online activities , eyes, glasses, ginger hair, medium length hair, beard,