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Sub-Saharan Africa Vocabulary

Match the word to the definition.

Apartheid, Vaccines, Famine, Transportation Corridor, Savanna, Transportation Barrier, Exploit, Genocide, Limited Government, Unlimited Government educational games , Segregation, Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Refugee, Arid, Economy, Continent,

System of producing and trading goods/services, Legal segregation and discrimination against blacks in South Africa short answer questions , Long period of food shortage, Makes transportation more difficult, closes trade routes, Largest land mass on Earth- there are 7 of these, Examples: Dictatorship Communism matching excercise , Person who flees a place to find safety, Makes transportation easier, opens trade routes quiz builder , Examples: Democracy Constitutional Monarchy, Grassland online education , Take advantage of; use selfishly, business of trading slaves from Africa across the Atlantic Ocean, Treatment to increase immunity to a disease, Separate by race class page , Deliberate murder of a specific group, Very dry, having almost no rain,