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Solving and Factoring Quadratics

Three consecutive odd Integers, Roots x^2 - 8x %2b 16, The product of two consecutive integers, Three consecutive integers, The product of two consecutive odd integers, Standard form for (x%2b4)(x%2b3), x squared plus 5 squared, Solve (x%2b5)(x-2), Zeros x^2 -1x %2b 12, 5 less than the product of two consecutive integers, Standard form (x - 9)^2, GCF 3x^2%2b 12x, Solutions x^2 - 16, The square of (x%2b5), Factor x^2 %2b 17x %2b 72, The x-intercepts of y= 10x(x-4),

4, -4, x^2 %2b 25, x^2%2b7x%2b 12, (x%2b9)(x%2b8) class web page , n^2 %2b n - 5, x x%2b1 x%2b2, x^2 -18x %2b 81, 4, -3, 4, 3x, n^2 %2b n, x^2 %2b 10x %2b 25, 0,4 educational games , n^2 %2b 2n, -5,2, x x%2b2 x%2b 4,