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essential 4000 UNIT 1 - Sort sentences

Do these sentences make sense? Read each sentence and decide whether it is correct or incorrect

MAKES SENSE, DOESN%22T MAKE SENSE, group_name3, group_name4,

A clever person can solve a puzzle easily, When a plane arrives, it leaves the ground and flies , At noon the sun is near the bottom of the sky, If I am late my mom gets angry, It is easy to hide in a dark place, Many kinds of fish are afraid of the water, At night my mom says %22Hide your eyes and sleep%22, Heavy things go down to the bottom of the ocean, It is cruel to keep a dog in a small cage all day, Your mother will be angry when you get good grades, Animals can%27t hunt because they have no hands, It%27s a good idea to arrive early for exam , People sometimes attack pictures to e-mail messages, Some people are afraid of spiders, A moment is like a second or two, New shoes are usually not very comfortable or clever, Small animals do not usually attack big animals, There are twelve moments in a year, A cruel person will try to help others at all times, You can use a gun to hunt in the forest,