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have got, has got, group_name3, group_name4,

I _____ new shoes., My dad _____ a green car., My dog _____ a white spot on his head., We _____ a train set. , They _____ a big house., Anne and Lucy _____ blue T-shirts., My friend´s sister _____ a cool bike., She _____ four sisters., She _____ new face paints., It _____ a long tail., I _____ blue eyes., My sister _____ three dolls., I _____ a doll´s house., Tom _____ a robot., Megan _____ seven brothers and a sister., We _____ a black dog and a white rabbit. , They _____ a swinning pool., I _____ a brother., Mike _____ a cat., Kate _____ a new computer., Olivia and Susan _____ green eyes. , They _____ a house in London., My brother _____ a mobile phone., Carl and Anita _____ cameras., Rosie _____ a bike., John _____ a new model car., Sally _____ a teddy bear., We _____ a puppy., Sue _____ five Barbie dolls., Betty _____ curly hair., My mother _____ glasses. , english It _____ a bone. ,