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Phrasal verbs

Our boss recently came, BTW stands, I haven%27t got web 2.0 , I ran mix questions , The food at that restaurant really lived, To solve this problem we must look distance learning , Every winter I gostimulate your students , The restaurant was full so they had to turn, The game fell, Unfortunately the party turned , Can you put, My grandfather passed, They%27re poor because they%27re bringing educational games , I%27m not sure this dress goes, Would you turn, Which stop do you usually get,

into my friend at the shops., up ten children., away before I was born., down with a cold., down a date with a movie star?, through because of the weather., up to my expectations., into the causes., back to work after a long holiday., off at?, for by the way., round to doing my homework yet., out to be terrible., away some customers., with these shoes., on the TV please?,