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Complex Object

1. My mum considered he to be a good friend.
2. He made (I, to do) it.
the temperature rise, the temperature risen, the temperature rising test , the temperature to rise,
3. Do you want (they, to listen) to your song?
He made me do it., He made me to do it., He made me doing it., He made my do it.,
4. I would like ... my parents on Sunday.
him entering, him to enter tool for teachers , him enter, he to enter,
5. John ordered (she, not to speak) during the show.
they listening, them to listen, them listen, them listening,
6. The employer wants you follow the instructions.
TRUE, FALSE build your own quiz , ,
7. She let us play a lot in the evening.
she don%27t speak, her not to speak, her don%27t speaking, her speak,
8. We saw (he, to enter) his neighbour%27s house.
the birds singing, the birds sing, the birds to sing, the birds songing,
9. He felt ... and dicided to take off his coat.
TRUE, FALSE, stimulate your students ,