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Spanish IV Vocab Study Guide U 1.11-2.11

cariñosa, paciente, considerado, desagradable, obediente, cambio, poderosos, evitar, agradable, nos parece, dominar, fiel, tímida elearning , atrevido, engordar, deportista, fundarse, aquel entonces, cómico online activities , embellecer, adelgazar, rebelde activity , mimado, servicial, perezo, pereza, sociable, perfil crossword maker , comprensivo, engrandecer, colocar, escenario, aguadora,

obedient, shy, affectionate. loving class web page , spoiled (behavior not fruit), to lose weight, change, pleasant, to avoid, sociable, patient, understanding, to enlarge or make bigger, person who carries water, to place, funny, to found, sportsman, to gain weight, to dominate. be proficient at, lazy, to make more beautiful, powerful, profile, scene, or scenary, loyal, considerate, thoughtful, daring, unpleasant web 2.0 , it seems to us, rebel, then, obliging, helpful,