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Like/Don%27t like

Like, Likes, Doesn%27t like, Don%27t like,

She_____spicy food. (-), Colleen _______ to dance. (-), We _______ snakes. (-) , improve results Judy _____ to drink coffee. (%2b), I ______frogs. (%2b) , Grace and Colleen __________to shop. (-), crossword maker You ______computer class. (%2b), Glenda ___________ to sing. (%2b), You ______ frogs. (-), educational activities Ning, Trinh, and Colleen ______ bubble tea. (%2b), Florida _________ to play soccer. (%2b), Elsa and Maribel ______ to cook. (%2b), test Colleen _____ cold weather. (%2b), Judy and Elise ______ singing (-), Feben and Ana Gabriela ______ to exercise. (%2b), Carmen ___________to play with her daughter. (%2b), Colleen%27s students _______ like cold weather. (-), Alejandra ______to make pinatas. (%2b), Elsa _______ to cook. (-), Walter _______ snow. (-),