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Bah humbug! Comprehension questions

1. What did the Puritans want to leave behind?
Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, 4 July
2. How did people celebrate Christmas in England?
They didn%27t celebrate at all, They celebrated quietly with their family printable , They ate and drank a lot , They went to church
3. Did everybody agree with the ban on Christmas?
Yes, Everybody but the Indians, Everybody but the Puritans, No, the non-Puritans didn%27t
4. What could happen to you between 1659 and 1681 if you were caught celebrating Christmas?
you went to jail, you were sent back to England web 2.0 , you had to pay a fine, nothing
5. online learning games When did Christmas finally become a national holiday?
1789, 1797stimulate your students , 1802, 1870