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DDU shipment, LA300, LA100 , LA318, Outbound branch, LA129 build your own quiz , Inbound branch, LA144, platform, consignee prepare quiz , LA317web page, LA111, LA160, consignor, LA336, EXW shipment,

branch in the truck way, administration , stop costs , branch delivering to the consignee, terminal handing charge, collection freight charge 100 kg rate , BB costs from the next branch to the consignee are received by the platform , delivery freight charge 100 kg rate, platform administration online quizzes , main carriage from inbound branch to platform, costs from consignor to inbound branch are sent to the next platform distant learning , sends the goods, platform handling charge, main haulage from outbound branch to inbound branch, receives the goods computer assisted language learning , Branch collecting from the consignor,