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Lesson 1-4 Vocabulary Spanish IV (copy)

1. Question
Answer_1 tu hermana, Answer_2 la hermana de tu hijo, Answer_3 la hermana de tu esposo,
2. el se despierta
Answer_1 the grandfather, Answer_2 the father , Answer_3 the son,
3. to go to bed
Answer_1 ;a hermana de tu madre, Answer_2 el hermano de tu padre, Answer_3 el sobrino de tu madre,
4. festejarse
Answer_1 The Catholic Kings, Answer_2 The King and Queen of Spain, Answer_3 The Kings of Portugal,
5. están enamorados
Answer_1 el tío, Answer_2 el caballero, Answer_3 el novio,
6. el nieto
Answer_1 la señorita, Answer_2 la novia, Answer_3 la señora,
7. animarse
Answer_1 to marry, Answer_2 to purchase, Answer_3 to race a car,
8. asistir
Answer_1 they are in love, Answer_2 they are not in love, Answer_3 they are married,
9. the groom
Answer_1 to help or assist, Answer_2 to attend, Answer_3 to supply food,
10. She is dedicated.
Answer_1 to enjoy oneself, Answer_2 to throw a party or celebrate, Answer_3 to decorate a cake,
11. Question la abuela
Answer_1 your great uncle, Answer_2 your great grandfather, Answer_3 your great grandsom,
12. tu cuñada
Answer_1 el hijo de tu hija, Answer_2 la sobrina, Answer_3 el padre de tu padre,
13. casarse
Answer_1, Answer_2, Answer_3,
14. to get up
Answer_1 despertarse, Answer_2 acostarse, Answer_3 lavarse,
15. he takes a shower
Answer_1 acostarse, Answer_2 dormirse, Answer_3 levantarse,
16. :Los Reyes de España
Answer_1 ella se ducha, Answer_2 ellos se duchan, Answer_3 él se ducha,
17. They sit down.
ella se sienta, nosotros nos sentamosweb page, ellos se sientan distance learning ,
18. the bride
to get excited or motivated, to draw pictures online , to care for animals,
19. el abuelo
he goes to sleep, he wakes up, he sets his alarm, _(optional),
20. el tío
Ella está dedicada, Ella está delicada, El está defensivo,