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Lesson 1-4 Vocabulary Spanish IV (copy)

1. el nieto
Answer_1 tu hermana, Answer_2 la hermana de tu hijo, Answer_3 la hermana de tu esposo,
2. animarse
Answer_1 the grandfather, Answer_2 the father , Answer_3 the son,
3. el tío
Answer_1 ;a hermana de tu madre, Answer_2 el hermano de tu padre, Answer_3 el sobrino de tu madre,
4. the groom
Answer_1 The Catholic Kings, Answer_2 The King and Queen of Spain, Answer_3 The Kings of Portugal,
5. to get up
Answer_1 el tío, Answer_2 el caballero save time , Answer_3 el novio online quizzes ,
6. She is dedicated.
Answer_1 la señorita, Answer_2 la novia, Answer_3 la señora,
7. to go to bed
Answer_1 to marry, Answer_2 to purchase, Answer_3 to race a car online quizzes ,
8. tu cuñada
Answer_1 they are in love, Answer_2 they are not in love, Answer_3 they are married crossword maker ,
9. el abuelo
Answer_1 to help or assist, Answer_2 to attend, Answer_3 to supply food,
10. the bride
Answer_1 to enjoy oneself, Answer_2 to throw a party or celebrate, Answer_3 to decorate a cake,
11. festejarse
Answer_1 your great uncle, Answer_2 your great grandfather, Answer_3 your great grandsom,
12. Question
Answer_1 el hijo de tu hija, Answer_2 la sobrina, Answer_3 el padre de tu padre,
13. el se despierta
Answer_1, Answer_2, Answer_3,
14. :Los Reyes de España
Answer_1 despertarse, Answer_2 acostarse, Answer_3 lavarse,
15. están enamorados
Answer_1 acostarse, Answer_2 dormirse, Answer_3 levantarse,
16. casarse
Answer_1 ella se ducha, Answer_2 ellos se duchan, Answer_3 él se ducha,
17. he takes a shower
ella se sienta, nosotros nos sentamos, ellos se sientan,
18. Question la abuela
to get excited or motivated, to draw pictures, to care for animals,
19. asistir
he goes to sleep, he wakes up, he sets his alarm, _(optional),
20. el bisabuelo
Ella está dedicada, Ella está delicada, El está defensivo,